miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Santayana en el Instituto Cervantes de Nueva York


28/06/2016 (19:00 h)


Instituto Cervantes - Auditorio
211-215 East 49th Street
10017 Nueva York

 Santayana or Philosophy as a Way of Life

round table discussion

Jorge or George Santayana, the accidental American, established a cultural dialogue that remains strong between the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. This bond continues to inspire and enlighten those that look to irony and reason as a way of life, dispelling fanaticism. Santayana lived against currents, marking his own path, trusting intuition and putting forward skepticism as way of life. The example he set for a model of living has a following both in Spain and in the Unites States and continues to attract more interest.
Free admission RSVP Mandatory:bec2cultny@cervantes.org
Español in Motion. series of talks


Martin A. Coleman
Ángel Alcalá
Herman J. Saatkamp Jr
Daniel Moreno

Organized by

Instituto Cervantes (Nueva York)

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